Geology Program
Alex Rinehart

Alex Rinehart
Ph.D. Student (Geology)
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Science 
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801 

Office: MSEC 218
Phone: (575) 835-5456
Fax: (575) 835-6436
Email: rinehart at

MS (Hydrology), New Mexico Tech
BS (Mathematics), University of New Mexico

Research Interests

My primary research interest falls in the broad category of 'surficial processes', with emphasis on the interfaces of atmospheric, hydrologic, soil, geomorphic/Quaternary geologic disciplines (does that seem broad enough?) under Dr. Bruce Harrison. More specifically, I am primarily interested in the effects of the deposition of dust on soil development, hydrology and stratigraphy in small scale (10s of meters) depressions in basalt flows. I hope to derive (a) a regional geologic record of dust deposition, and possibly precipitation and temperature; (b) examine a well-constrained end-member of soil development in loess; and (c) quantify the effects of boundary geometry (e.g., the shape of the basalt flow) on the subsurface flow of water, and transport of salts and colloids. The ultimate goal is to derive the climate record, but without examining the other processes, the record would be challenging to interpret.

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