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This site is intended as an introduction to my research, teaching and other academic experience of interest.  As you will see on the accompanying pages, my research interests are oriented towards understanding Earth’s climate and climate change, past, present and future.  My work focuses primarily on the two polar regions, home to Earth’s only remaining ice sheets (Antarctica and Greenland), although I do sometimes wander off into other areas of particularly interesting climate (and non-climate) questions!  Information on how this work is funded (grants) and shared with the world (publications & presentations) is also available.

You will also find information on my teaching "vision", program (past & planned) and experience on my Teaching page.  This area is less extensive than my research simply because I have been on the "research track" for most of my post-PhD career.  That hasn't kept me from having some ideas about what I'd like to do though!


2003, Ph.D., Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University
Nonlinear Paleoclimatology: Reconstructions in West Antarctica
Alley (Advisor), Barron, Kasting, Crane, and Carleton.

1997, M.Sc., Earth Sciences (Geochemical Systems), University of New Hampshire
Climate Change in Central West Antarctica Using Ice Cores
Mayewski (Advisor), Meeker, Dibb, and Pittalwala.

1995, M.Sc., Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
Browser: A Visualization Tool for Multivariate, Multisource Nonlinear Time Series Data
Bergeron (Advisor), Sparr, Mayewski, and Meeker.

1986, B.A., Computer Science, University of Maine at Orono

Academic Experience

2010 -           Associate Research Professor of Climatology, Earth and Environmental Science, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

2010 -           Adjunct Senior Research Associate, EMS EESI, Penn State University

2010             Senior Research Associate, EMS EESI, Penn State University

2010             Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, NC A&T State University

2003 - 2010  Research Associate, Ice and Climate Group, EMS EESI, Penn State University

1999 - 2003  Research Assistant, Ice and Climate Group, Penn State University

1996 - 1997  Research Assistant, Climate Change Research Center, Univ of New Hampshire

1994 - 1995  Research Assistant, Scientific Database Group, Univ of New Hampshire

Professional Experience

1986-1994    Lucent Technologies, North Andover, MA

Systems Programmer, MVS Support Group (1986 - 1989)

Team Leader, MVS Support Group (1989 - 1994)

Active Research Grants

Collaborative Research: Decoding & Predicting Greenland's Surface Melt History & Future with Observations, Regional Atmospheric Modeling and GCMs, PLR-1304849, National Science Foundation, 9/1/2013 – 8/31/2016, D. B. Reusch, C. C. Karmosky and D. Lampkin.

The landscape photos above are all my work and are here simply to show some eye-catching aspects of the natural world .  In the center are images from Acadia National Park, Maine.  The right shows the Polish National Meteorological Observatory in the Tatra Mountains near Zakopane.

© David Reusch 2016