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Faculty Honors and Awards

axen_thumbAxen, Gary

Professor of Geology

PhD Harvard University

Interests: continental tectonics and fault mechanics; extensional, convergent, and wrench settings

bilek_thumbBilek, Susan L.

Professor of Geophysics

PhD University of California, Santa Cruz

Interests: earthquake rupture processes; stresses and structure of fault zones; shallow subduction zone processes; tsunami generation; fault zone material properties; Central America tectonics


Bonamici, Chloë

Assistant Professor of Geochemistry

  PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison

Interests: Geochemistry, petrology, and structural geology



Boston, Penelope J.


Professor of Cave and Karst Science

PhD University of Colorado, Boulder

Interests: caves, karst systems, geomicrobiology, extremophile organisms, geobiochemical cycling, astrobiology, robotic and human exploration of other planets, comparative planetology, and evolutionary implications of conjoined organic/cybernetic devices


dcadol_thumbCadol, Daniel

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD Colorado State University

Interests: ecohydrology and ecohydraulics, surface water hydrology, stream-forest interactions, large woody debris, tidal marsh morphodynamics



  Gomez-Velez, Jesus

  Assistant Professor of Hydrology

  PhD New Mexico Tech

Interests:  Groundwater-surface water interactions, hydrogeology, watershed hydrology, analytical and numerical modeling, data mining and assimilation.


 Grapenthin, Ronni

 Assistant Professor of Geophysics

 PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

Interests: crustal deformation (volcano geodesy, earthquake mechanics, isostatic adjustments), (esoteric) GPS applications and general geodetic measurements, real-time earthquake and volcano hazard evaluation and mitigation

harrison_thumbHarrison, Bruce

Associate Professor of Geology, Associate Dept. Chair

PhD University of New Mexico

Interests: soil properties, recurrence intervals of earthquakes, soil salinization in arid environments, soil stability



Luhmann, Andrew

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Interests: karst hydrogeology, fluid-rock interaction, geologic carbon sequestration

keirran_thumbMaher, Kierran

Assistant Professor of Economic Geology

PhD Washington State University

Interests: Geochemistry and mineralogy of ore deposits, distal expressions of hydrothermal systems, copper isotope systematics


Mao_mugshotMao, Deqiang

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD University of Arizona

Interests: Hydrogeology, Inverse Methods, Hydrogeophysics



McIntosh, William C.

Associate Professor of Geochemistry

PhD New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Interests: Cenozoic volcanism, paleomagnetism, Antarctic studies, argon dating


mozley_thumbMozley, Peter S.

Professor of Geology and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara

Interests: sedimentary petrology, diagenesis, geological carbon sequestration, and petroleum and environmental geology


murray_thumbMurray, Mark H.

Associate Research Professor of Geophysics

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Interests: crustal deformation and rheology, geodetic measurements, earthquake and volcano hazards

Person_Mark_thumbPerson, Mark

Professor of Hydrology

PhD Johns Hopkins University

Interests: paleohydrology, basin-scale numerical modeling, geothermal systems, role of groundwater in geologic processes



Reusch, David B.

Associate Research Professor of Climatology

PhD Pennsylvania State University

Interests:Artificial neural network (ANN) applications in the geosciences, meteorology and climatology; polar meteorology and climatology; ice cores as recorders of (paleo)climate; climate modeling and climate change; sea ice and climate

spinelli_thumb Spinelli, Glenn

Department Chair

Professor of Geophysics

PhD University of California, Santa Cruz

Interests: marine hydrogeology, groundwater-surface water interactions, sediment physical properties



Ulmer-Scholle, Dana S.

Associate Research Professor of Geology

PhD Southern Methodist University

Interests: carbonate diagenesis; sedimentary petrography; fluid inclusions & thermal and fluid histories of carbonate basins; modern carbonate depositional environments; computer-based applications & geological training


van Wijk, Jolante

Associate Professor of Geophysics

PhD Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interests: Geodynamics; Basin Modeling, Petroleum System Modeling



Walder, Ingar

Visiting Professor of Geochemistry

PhD New Mexico Tech

Interests: Mine Waste Management; Acid/Neutral Rock Drainage: Reactive Transport Modeling; Mineral Reaction Rates; Metal Leaching; Mineral processing by Leaching Technologies; Hydrogeochemistry of Tailings and Waste Rock; A/NRD Prediction Methods; Guideline Development


Wells, Steven

Professor of Geology

PhD University of Cincinnati


Interests:  Geomorphology; Sedimentology; Stratigraphy;  Response of geologic systems to climate transitions; Soil and desert pavement development; Tectonic processes; Response of rivers systems to wild fires

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