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Christina Lochman Balk
October 8, 1907 - March 8, 2006

Professor Emerita of Geology
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science 
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM 87801

B.A., M.A., Smith College 
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University 

(photo courtesy of New Mexico Tech Archives)

Dr. Balk was appointed to the Geology Department in 1955. Being world renowned as a Cambrian trilobite expert, she immediately made the department world famous. In addition to being a world-famous paleontologist, she could also teach any courses offered in the department including optical mineralogy if necessary. The addition of Dr. Balk helped enable the department to increase the graduate offerings to a PhD in Earth Science. (courtesy Clay T. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Geology) Dr. Balk died on March 8, 2006, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the age of 98. (ObituaryEl Defensor Chieftain)

Research Interests
Cambrian-Ordovician trilobites, shallow marine carbonates, Paleozoic stratigraphy

1996 - Awarded President's Citation from The Paleontological Society
Fellow - American Association for the Advancement of Science

Christina Lochman Balk Fellowship
Established in 1986 by Dr. Balk to support student research in earth science.

Robert Balk Fellowship
Established in 1964 by Christina Balk, in memory of her husband, a geologist, to support student research in geology.

Selected Publications
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