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1 Perry, M., G.A. Spinelli, I. Wada, and J. He, 2016. Modeled temperatures and fluid source distributi
2 Spinelli, G.A., I. Wada, J. He, and M. Perry, 2016. The thermal effect of fluid circulation in the
3 Axen, G.J., Luther, A. and Selverstone, J. Paleostress directions near two low-angle normal faults
4 Gomez-Velez J.D., J. W. Harvey, M. B Cardenas, and B. Kiel (2015), Denitrification in the Mississipp
5 Morton, E.; and Bilek, S.: Earthquake Triggering in the Socorro Magma Body
6 Morton, E.: Development of Global Probabilistic Propagation Look‐Up Tables
7 Peter S. Mozley : Time-capsule concretions: Unlocking burial diagenetic processes in the Mancos Shale using carbonate clumped isotopes
8 Jan Hendrickx: Effects of magnetite on high-frequency ground-penetrating radar
9 Wang, K., and Bilek, S.B.: Fault creep caused by subduction of rough seafloor relief
10 Rotman and Spinelli: Remarkably consistent thermal state of the south central Chile subduction zone
11 Jolante Van Wijk: Roadmap to Continental Rupture: Is obliquity the route to success?
12 Chaput, J., Aster, R., Sun, X., Wiens, D., Nyblade, A., Anandakrishnan, S., Huerta, A., Winberry, J., Wilson, T., Crustal thickness of West Antarctica, J. Geop. Res.
13 Spinelli: Long-distance fluid and heat transport in the oceanic crust
14 Harris, Yamano, Kinoshita, Spinelli, et al.: Thermal state of the Nankai Trough
15 El-Shawaihdi, M, Mozley, P; New age constraints for Neogene sediments of the Sahabi area, Libya (Sirt Basin) using strontium isotope (87Sr/86Sr) geochronology and calcareous nannofossils
16 Luther, A, Axen, G; Alternating extensional and shortening stress fi elds on the West Salton detachment fault, Southern California
17 Luther, A, Axen, G; Particle-size distributions of low-angle normal fault breccias: Implications for slip mechanisms on weak faults
18 R. Aster, et al.; Multiple fluvial processes detected by riverside seismic and infrasound monitoring of a controlled flood in the Grand Canyon
19 R. Aster, P. Kyle, et al.; The first second of volcanic eruptions from the Erebus volcano lava lake, Antarctica—Energies, pressures, seismology, and infrasound
20 Condie, K., Aster, R.; Refinement of the supercontinent cycle with Hf, Nd and Sr isotopes
21 Aster, R., Kyle, R., et al; The first second of volcanic eruptions from the Erebus volcano lava lake, Antarctica—Energies, pressures, seismology, and infrasound
22 Yipeng Zhang, Mark Person, Peter Mozley, et al.; Hydrogeologic Controls on Induced Seismicity in Crystalline Basement Rocks Due to Fluid Injection into Basal Reservoirs
23 Aster, R., Kyle, P.,Chaput, J., Knox, H., et al.; Internal structure of Erebus volcano, Antarctica, imaged by high-resolution active-source seismic travel time and scattering tomography
24 Aster, R., et al., A rootless Rockies - support and lithospheric structure of the Colorado Rocky Mountains inferred from CREST and TA seismic data
25 Jesus Gomez and John Wilson: Age distributions and dynamically changing hydrologic systems
26 Glenn Spinelli: Cascadia subduction zone publication
27 Hendrickx, J.M.H., et. al.; The hydrology of the humid tropics
28 G. J. Axen, A. Luther, et. al.; Fault localization controlled by fluid infiltration into mylonites: Formation and strength of low-angle normal faults in the midcrustal brittle-plastic transition
29 Bilek, Susan L., et. al; Spatial variations in earthquake source characteristics within the 2011 Mw = 9.0 Tohoku, Japan rupture zone
30 G. J. Axen, et. al. Farallon slab detachment and deformation of the Magdalena Shelf, southern Baja California
31 Chaput, J. A.; Aster, R. C.; Knox, H.; Kyle, P. R.; et. al.: Imaging of Erebus volcano using body wave seismic interferometry of Strombolian eruption coda
32 Aster,R., Ringler, A.T, et. al. Estimating Pole/Zero errors in GSN-IRIS/USGS network calibration metadata
33 G. J. Axen, et. al. Initiation of the Southern Elsinore Fault at ∼1.2 Ma: Evidence from the Fish Creek–Vallecito Basin, southern California
34 Marty Frisbee, Fred Phillips, John Wilson, and Andy Campbell et al. streamflow response publication
35 Aster, R., MacCarthy, J., et. al. Surface response to mantle convection beneath the Colorado Rocky Mountains
36 Jan Hendrickx et al. Satellite-based ET estimation publication
37 Aster, R., Borchers, B., Thurber, C., Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems
38 Jan Hendrickx spatial distribution and evapotranspiration publications
39 Jonathan MacCarthy, Brian Borchers, Richard Aster: Efficient Stochastic Estimation
40 Glenn Spinelli hydrothermal circulation publication
41 Susan Bilek Subducting Seamounts Publication
42 Susan Bilek and Jana Stankova-Pursley Costa Rica publication
43 Susan Bilek and Maya El Hariri Sumatra tsunami Publication
44 Mark Person and Whitney DeFoor Greenland Publication
45 Philip Kyle Erebus Publication
46 Susan Bilek and Students Publications
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