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Thank you for your interest in our department! Earth and Environmental Science at New Mexico Tech is a highly interdisciplinary department that incorporates major programs in Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, and Environmental Science. Our cutting-edge research programs, national reach, and small institute size provide unique opportunities for both undergrad and graduate students seeking rewarding careers in Earth Science. Please click on one of the below links for more information.

(Please note that most links are not live yet. This currently in a transitionary phase. Blue underlined links are live.)

Our undergrad programs

Our graduate programs


Research Areas



Gary Axen, Peter Mozley, Bruce Harrison, Chloe Bonamici


Petroleum Exploration, Basin Analysis & Modeling

Jolante Van Wijk, Peter Mozley, PRRC 


Mineral Exploration

Kierran Maher


Mine Wasting



Jolante Van Wijk, Gary Axen


Susan Bilek, Glenn Spinelli

Maine Geology and Geophysics

Glenn Spinelli


Chloe Bonamici, Kierran Maher, Ingar Walder

Cave and Karst

Penelope Boston, Andrew Luhmann


Peter Mozley, Dan Koning

Geodetics and Earthquake Warning

Ronni Grapenthin


Mt Erebus

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