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Sedimentary Geology at New Mexico Tech




A number of Geology/Geochemistry faculty and adjunct faculty work on projects related to stratigraphy, sedimentology, and diagenesis. Information about specific research interests can be found on the appropriate faculty page.


Faculty & Adjuncts

Current Researchmckit

  • Laramide Structure, Basin Evolution, and Regional Tectonics
  • Basin Evolution, Structure, Hydrogeology, and Regional Tectonics of the Rio Grande Rift
  • Late Paleozoic Basins, Structure, and Tectonics in SW U.S.
  • Geology and ydrogeology of the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho Metropolitan Area, Bernalillo and Sandoval County, New Mexico
  • Stratigraphy and Hydrogeology of the Santa Fe Group, Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
  • Quaternary Stratigraphy of post-Santa Fe Group deposits, Albuquerque Basin
  • Lithologic Logging of Nested Piezometers Completed within the Santa Fe Group, Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
  • Potassium Metasomatism in the Socorro Area
  • Arsenic as an indicator of groundwater flow
  • Permian Stratigraphy of the Delaware Basin
  • Cretaceous stratigraphy of the San Juan Basin
  • Rock property prediction from 3-D seismic data
  • Secondary Porosity in Soils with Carbonate Clasts (miniature tower-karst pebblescapes), Isleta Reservation
  • Shallow Subsurface Reduction of Fracture Porosity in Carbonates, Isleta Reservation
  • Concretion Formation and Paleo-Groundwater Flow
  • Carbonate Cementation, Fluid Flow, and Permeability Heterogeneity in Alluvial Units and Fault Zones in the Rio Grande Rift
  • Chalk Diagenesis in North Sea Carbonates
  • Diagensis of Permian Carbonates in New Mexico
  • CD-ROM Course on Carbonate Petrography
  • Diagenesis and Stable Isotopic Modeling of Mississippian Carbonates in New Mexico
  • Fluid Inclusion Studies of North Sea and Middle East Carbonates
  • Diagenesis of Permian Carbonates in East Greenland


Course Homepages

ERTH 101: Earth Processes

ERTH 385: Stratigraphy and Paleontology

ERTH 424/ GEOL 524: Sedimentary Petrography

ERTH 450 / GEOL 550: Cave and Karst Systems

GEOC 575: Theory and Practice of Electron Microprobe Analysis


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