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Economic Geology at New Mexico Tech

The geology of ore deposits has been an important area of research at New Mexico Tech for many years. Studies of ore deposits are carried out in the Earth and Environmental Science Department as well as the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources and in the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering. There are three faculty whose primary research interests are in the field of ore-deposit research. Many of the studies in the department involve the origins of metallic ore deposits. We have excellent facilities for determining the source, timing, and physical conditions of the ore forming fluids. Campbell and Chavez are currently co-editors of the SEG News Letter for the Society of Economic Geologists. 

Geology/geochemistry faculty working on economic geology projects

  • Andrew Campbell Emeritus (stable isotopes, fluid inclusions, fluid inclusions in opaque minerals, magmatic fluids).
  • Kierran Maher (porphyry systems, stable isotopes,..
  • Ingar F. Walder (massive sulfide deposits, porphyry deposits, mineral alteration, mineral processing)

Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering faculty working on economic geology projects

  • William Chavez (porphyry deposits, supergene enrichment, exploration, ore petrography, ore deposits of Chile).

Ore Deposit Exploration Option

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