What are our students doing?

Kyle Jones, Senior in Earth Science with Geophysics option

Kyle Jones in Antarctica with the volcano Mt. Terror in background
Kyle Jones is currently studying Mt. Erebus volcano in Antarctica as part of the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory team, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Kyle returned from his second season down south in January 2007 where he was installing new infrasonic microphones to measure subaudible sound waves of eruptions as they travel through the air. He will use this data to study the eruptive physics of the volcano.

Besides taking classes, Kyle is currently processing his data and plans to return to the volcano for the third time this November.

Kyle plans to graduate from NMT this December and anticipates continuing at NMT to pursue a Master in Geophysics degree. Read more about him on his website.

Brad Christensen, Senior in Earth Science with Geophysics Option

Brad Christensen
Brad Christensen processing data in the Geophysics Computer Lab
Brad Christensen studies the Socorro Magma Body (SMB), a pool of molten rock (magma) about 12 miles underneath Socorro and the surrounding area. The SMB is slowly increasing in size and causes the ground above it to rise several millimeters a year.

Brad looks at seismic waves from earthquakes as they pass through the SMB or are reflected from the surface of the SMB. This helps him determine the present size and shape of the SMB. More about the SMB here.