GEOL 566 - Extensional Tectonics

Fall 2010

Instructor: Gary Axen, MSEC 344, gaxen at, x5178

Readings: To be assigned from the literature restricted access


Course Format: The course will be run seminar style with brief lecture interludes (more common in the beginning) to provide a common background. Students will read and individually present papers most weeks, and the class will discuss them. A multi-day field trip is required—location(s) to be determined by class interests. The field guide will be prepared by the class and students will be responsible for introducing stops and leading discussions at stops. A term paper on a subject of your choice is also required. This should be in the format of a research proposal to extend our knowledge of some aspect of extensional tectonics.

Grading: Weekly presentations 20%; Participation in discussions, 20%; Field Trip 30%; Proposal 30%.

Topics (not an exhaustive list):

Field Trip Possibilities:

Metamorphic core complexes, S AZ &/or SE CA (Oligo-Miocene)

Central Basin & Range – Colorado Plateau transition, SE NV and SW UT (mid-Miocene)

Central Basin & Range to Death Valley (Mid Miocene-Quaternary)

Salton Trough, SE CA (late Miocene-Quaternary)

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