Spaceship Earth - ERTH 130


Fall 2010

Instructor: Penelope J. Boston

  • Office: MSEC 336
  • Phone: x5657
  • Office hours:
    • TBD

Class Meeting Info:

  • Times: Tues, Thur 0930-1045
  • Location: Library Room 5
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Course Description

Study of Earth as an immense system composed of a gigantic rocky mass, a planet-dominating ocean, an active atmosphere, and an abundance of life. Consideration of subsystems interacting across time and space. Discussion of possible mechanisms that may control this megasystem including controversial topics, e.g. co-evolution, homeostatic feedback mechanisms, and the Gaia Hypothesis.




Discussion Paper Schedule

  • tentative schedule (PDF xx kB)

Other resources

  • Rampino & Caldeira (1994). The Goldilocks Problem: Habitability of Terrestrial Planets (Pdf, 2.9 MB)

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