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 Qualified students from universities other than New Mexico Tech are welcome to register for the NMT geology field camp.  Applicants must have a familiarity with the material taught in physical, historical, structural geology, stratigraphy and petrology, and sound physical condition suitable for active geological fieldwork.

ERTH 480, Field Methods in Earth Science, 6 cr Prerequisites: ERTH 203, 380 and 385.   Offered summers (6 weeks) 

Collection, processing, and interpretation of field data developed by geologic mapping in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic terrane. Presentation of geologic reports involving maps, cross sections, and sample data.


Saturday 20th May through Sunday 2rd, July 2017. Students should assemble in Socorro on Friday 19th, May preparing to travel to the field on 20th May. The group will return to New Mexico Tech via Albuquerque on 3rd July

Expenses for Erth 480 6 cr Spring 2017 Registration:


*Spring 2017





ERTH 480 6 cr

ERTH 480 6 cr


raft section

non-raft section

raft section

non-raft section

Summer Fees






$1,505.22 ***












*Tuition (resident and nonresident).  Proof of health insurance is required for the period of registration in each course.  

**Fees must be paid in full by 4:00 pm on Friday, May 19 2017.  After raft trip is full, fees are reduced by $250.00 for registrants who do not participate in the raft trip.

***Required of students from other universities who wish to reserve a spot for Summer 2017. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid, in the form of National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Summer Field Scholarship, may be available through the applicant's home school.

Application and Registration

To begin the admission process complete and submit the pre-application form at If you are accepted, you will receive instructions for finalizing your enrollment. Submission of this application and acceptance does not assure you of a place in the course.

Enrollment is limited and places in the course will be filled in order of receipt of the non-refundable registration fee of $1,390.68.  Students must be approved for admission and submit their registration fee on or before 14th April 2017. The balance of field camp expenses must be paid before 4:00 p.m. on 19th May 2017.

Registration Guidelines

Logistics and Equipment

A New Mexico Tech van will be sent to pick up arrivals at the Albuquerque airport (ABQ) on the evening of Friday,19th May 2017. The exact time of departure for this van will be announced after travel arrangements for students are known. New Mexico Tech vehicles will provide transportation to and from the field area. Return flights can be arranged for times after 2:00 pm on Sunday, 2 nd July.  Access to dorm rooms on the NMT campus for the nights of 19th and 20th May are available by prior arrangement.

Topographic maps, and geologic compasses will be provided  Students must supply their personal gear, sleeping bag, tent, geologic pick, hand lens, notebooks, etc. Approximately five weeks will be spent in dormitories, and one-week camping. Lab fees (except for approximately 6 travel/camping days when food costs will be borne by the participants) cover food costs associated with the field camp.

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