last updated on: October 20, 2010


2010 ERTH 480 Photo Album

Click on these thumbnails to view/download the much larger original.  Original sizes are on the order of 640 x 480 pixels.

Photos by Dave Johnson

DSCN0276 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (122751 bytes) DSCN0277 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (123016 bytes) DSCN0278 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (122986 bytes)
DSCN0279 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (113517 bytes) DSCN0280 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (157923 bytes) DSCN0283 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (141620 bytes) DSCN0284 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (136841 bytes)
DSCN0285 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (129467 bytes) DSCN0286 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (137954 bytes) DSCN0287 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (134824 bytes) DSCN0288 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (158094 bytes)
DSCN0290 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (143501 bytes) DSCN0291 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (143365 bytes) DSCN0292 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (164539 bytes) DSCN0293 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (149449 bytes)
DSCN0294 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (156263 bytes) DSCN0302 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (117496 bytes) DSCN0308 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (159196 bytes) DSCN0309 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (144517 bytes)
DSCN0310 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (103832 bytes) DSCN0312 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (132086 bytes) DSCN0315 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (112453 bytes) DSCN0316 [DVD (NTSC)].JPG (125230 bytes)
Photos by Raphael Perea  

I would love to post your pictures from field camp here.  If you have photos that you would like to share, please email the images to .  Provide me with information regarding the subject of each photo (who, what, where, when).  If you do not have pictures in digital format, send the prints along with a return address.  I will scan and post them and return the originals to you at the address provided.

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