last updated on: June 10, 2002


2002 Geology 480 Photo Album

Click on these thumbnails to view/download the much larger original.  Original sizes are on the order of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

DSCN0245.JPG (394328 bytes)

Packing for departure

DSCN0246.JPG (419122 bytes)

Hermit's Peak viewed 
from the Mineral Hill Road

DSCN0247.JPG (385332 bytes)

Group photo with "guest"
Patrick Swayze

DSCN0248.JPG (587689 bytes)

Sebastion Canyon

DSCN0249.JPG (539795 bytes)

Measuring section

DSCN0250.JPG (520811 bytes)

Measuring section

DSCN0251.JPG (512181 bytes)

Measuring section

DSCN0252.JPG (515231 bytes)

Measuring section

DSCN0253.JPG (569753 bytes)

Incremental offset along 
anastomozing fault

DSCN0254.JPG (477239 bytes)

Poison oak

DSCN0255.JPG (568944 bytes)

Aaron takes notes

DSCN0256.JPG (404745 bytes)

Wood chips in the Santa 
Rosa Formation

DSCN0258.JPG (546740 bytes)

Jeff taking notes

DSCN0259.JPG (399584 bytes)

Joel with pretzel 

DSCN0262.JPG (573552 bytes)

Johnnie ready for last 
day at Abeyta Ranch

DSCN0263.JPG (387997 bytes)

Stephanie and our tres 
TA, Kristi

Photos below by Zach 

P1010004.JPG (136491 bytes) P1010012.JPG (125265 bytes) P1010016.JPG (95284 bytes) P1010017.JPG (150826 bytes)
P1010023.JPG (139490 bytes) P1010026.JPG (120568 bytes) P1010031.JPG (74373 bytes) P1010047.JPG (76376 bytes)
P1010094.JPG (94723 bytes) P1010100.JPG (113836 bytes) P1010103.JPG (135316 bytes) P1010109.JPG (89848 bytes)
P1010114.JPG (114294 bytes) P1010120.JPG (123796 bytes) P1010124.JPG (142772 bytes) P1010138.JPG (115504 bytes)
P1010144.JPG (113105 bytes) P1010160.JPG (90927 bytes) P1010182.JPG (90348 bytes) P1010190.JPG (131312 bytes)
P1010191.JPG (86800 bytes) P1010222.JPG (118268 bytes) P1010235.JPG (96563 bytes)  

I would love to post your pictures from field camp here.  If you have photos that you would like to share, please email the images to .  Provide me with information regarding the subject of each photo (who, what, where, when).  If you do not have pictures in digital format, send the prints along with a return address.  I will scan and post them and return the originals to you at the address provided.



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