Geological Carbon Sequestration Education and Training at New Mexico Tech


The Earth and Environmental Science Department at New Mexico Tech ( is offering courses in the science of geological CO2 sequestration at many academic levels.    The courses are offered in conjunction with the DOE funded Education and Training Center of the Southwest Partnership for CO2 Sequestration (  This integrated training program includes instruction for high-school students, K-12 teachers, undergraduates, and graduate students. The training program also includes outreach and continuously updated training for current professionals, organizations, the general public, and media.  For further information contact Dr. Andrew Campbell (, Dr. Peter Mozley (, or Dr. Bruce Harrison (

Relevant New Mexico Tech course offerings planned for the 2010-2011 academic year include:

Fall 2010: GEOL 571-1, Climate and carbon sequestration (3 cr.)

    This graduate level class is taught as a distance education course in collaboration with the University of Utah and Texas A&M University.  Instructors include Brian McPherson (University of Utah), Tarla Peterson (Texas A&M), and Mark Person, Andrew Campbell, and Peter Mozley (New Mexico Tech).

Spring 2011: ERTH 427 Geological carbon sequestration science (3 cr.)

    This upper-level undergraduate class will be taught at New Mexico Tech by Andrew Campbell, Peter Mozley, and a variety of guest instructors.

Summer 2011: ST 189  Master of Science Teaching (MST).  Climate and carbon sequestration (2 cr.)

    This class is designed for K-12 teachers, particularly those enrolled in New Mexico Tech’s MST program.  It will be taught on the New Mexico Tech campus.    Bruce Harrison is the lead instructor, with help from Andrew Campbell, and Peter Mozley.

Summer 2011: High school mini-course.  Geology of CO2 sequestration.

    This class is designed for high-school students as a summer mini course on the New Mexico Tech campus.  The instructors are Andrew Campbell and Peter Mozley.