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Below is a list of all known theses, dissertations, and independent study papers (IS) that were written by graduates of the New Mexico Tech Earth & Environmental Department, previously known as the Geoscience Department, the Geology Department, and the Department of Geology and Mineralogy.

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Last Name First NameMIProgramDegreeTypeYrAdvisorTitle Supplements
AbbottJohnC.GeolMSThesis1995GoodwinConstraints on the deformational history of the Tijeras Canoncito fault system, north-central New Mexico
AbelAaronP.HydrMSThesis2007WilsonCO2 sequestration in the Permian Basin: Examination of above-ground mineralization and subsurface solubility trapping capacities and evaluation of Dawsonite kinetics in geologic sequestration
AbeytaReynaL.GeolMSThesis2003NormanEpithermal gold mineralization of the San Nicolas Vein, El Cubo Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico: Trace element distribution fluid inclusion microthermometry and gas chemistry
AbramsonBethS.GeolMSThesis1981NormanThe mineralizing fluids responsible for skarn and ore formation at the Continental Mine, Fierro, New Mexico, in light of REE analysis and fluid inclusion studies
AgezoFrancisL.GeolMSIS1995NormanMineralogy, alteration and fluid inclusion study of the Lordsburg Mining District, Hidalgo county, New Mexico
AgnewDianeK.HydrMSThesis2006BowmanEvaluation of surfactant-modified zeolite for the removal of giardia lamblia from contaminated waters
Aguilar-ChangJulioC.GeopMSIS1990KnappX - Seismic refraction survey of the Santa Fe group, lower Rio Salado, NM
AhmadMoidU.HydrMSThesis1960HolmesA laboratory study of streaming potential
AkeJonP.GeopMSIS1984SanfordAn analysis of the May and July 1983, Socorro Mountain microearthquakes swarms
AkeJonP.GeopPhDDissertation1988SanfordInternal structure of a magma body at mid-crustal depths near Socorro, New Mexico, deduced from microearthquake reflections
AlexanderRobertR.GeolMSIS1991Campbell1990 site investigation and benzene hazard assessment at the Bass Site in Albuquerque, New Mexico
AlfordDeanE.GeolMSThesis1987CondieGeology and geochemistry of the Hembrillo Canyon Succession, San Andres Mountains, Sierra and Dona Ana Counties, New Mexico
AliMaqsoodGeolMSIS1993MozleySmall scale permeability heterogeneities: A correlative study of permeability and corresponding pore morphologies using minipermeameter and petrographic analysis
AliMaqsoodGeolPhDDissertation1997MozleyImproved geological characterization of old hydrocarbon fields with sparse control points: A case study from the Sulimar Queen field, southeast New Mexico
AlkovNicoleHydrMSThesis2008HendrickxRemote sensing of fire effects on tamarisk evapotranspiration and regeneration
AllanReidS.GeolMSIS1988SmithStratigraphy carbonate petrology, paleoenvironmental analysis, and geologic control on mineralization of the Jones Camp Dike region, Socorro County, New Mexico
AllenJamesA.GeopMSIS2002SchlueUpper crustal structure in the central Rio Grande Rift from Rayleigh wave group velocities
AllenPhilipGeolMSThesis1979CondieGeology of the west flank of the Magdalena Mountains south of the Kelly Mining District, Socorro County, New Mexico
AllenPhilipGeocPhDDissertation1985CondieThe geochemistry of the amphibolite-granulite facies transition in central south India
AllmendingerRogerJ.GeolMSThesis1971BeaneHydrologic control over the origin in gypsum at Lake Lucero, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
AllmendingerRogerJ.GeocPhDDissertation1975BeaneA model for ore-genesis in the Hansonburg mining district, New Mexico
AlptekinOmerGeopPhDDissertation1973SanfordFocal mechanisms of earthquakes in western Turkey and their tectonic implications
AltareCraigHydrMSThesis2006BowmanRegeneration and long-term stability of surfactant-modified zeolite for removal of volatile organic compounds from produced water
Altares IIITimothyGeolMSThesis1990JohnsonStratigraphic description and paleoenvironments of the Bursum Formation, Socorro County, New Mexico
Alvarado-TrujilloRafaelGeopMSThesis2004AsterSeismic noise characterization at the Magdalena Ridge Observatory interferometer siteCD
AmaranteJoseF. A.GeolMSIS2001CampbellCharacterization of the basement rocks in the Mescalero 1 well, Guadalupe County, New Mexico
AminIsamE.HydrMSIS1983unknownX - Modeling of Sediment Transport in Rio Puerco, New Mexico
AmindyasCorneliusA.GeolMSIS1988CampbellGeochemical studies of the Cerillos porphyry copper deposit, Santa Fe County, New Mexico
AnderholmScottHydrMSThesis1979StoneHydrogeology and water resources of the Cuba Quadrangle, Sandoval and Rio Arriba Counties, New Mexico
AndersonJacobGeopMSThesis2013J. Johnson/AsterMapping Thunder Sources by Inverting Acoustic and Electromagnetic Observations
AndersonKatherineEGeopMSThesis2012BilekSearch for Distinct Rupture Variability in Source Properties of the February 27, 2010 Maule mw 8.8 earthquake: Evidence for post-mainshock temporal variations
AndersonKentR.GeopMSIS1988KnappThe determination of seismic Q in highly attenuative media
AndersonRichardC.GeopMSThesis1953WilkeningA gravity survey of the Rio Grande Valley near Socorro, New Mexico
AndresRobertJ.GeocMSThesis1988KyleSulfur dioxide and particle emissions from Mount Etna, Italy
AndrewsElizabethD.HydrMSIS1982StephensGeologic predictors of saturated hydraulic conductivity in the fluvial sand of the Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge
AndrewsJaronR.HydrMSThesis2009BowmanArsenic removal using iron-modified zeolites
AnthonyRobertGEOPMSIS2013AsterAnnual and Seasonal Seismic Background Noise Across Antartica
ApodacaLoriE.GeocMSThesis1987NormanGeochemical study of the Cochiti Mining District, Sandoval County, New Mexico
AppeltRobertM.GeocMSThesis1998McIntosh40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and volcanic evolution of the Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, northern New Mexico and southern Colorado
AragonCarlosA.HydrMSThesis2008VivoniDevelopment and testing of a semi-distributed watershed model: Case studies exploring the impact of climate variability and change in the Rio SaladoCD
ArayaAbrahamGeolMSIS1986MacMillanPaleoenvironmental analysis of upper cretaceous strata, Jornada del Muerto coal field, Socorro County, New Mexico
ArayaAbrahamGeolPhDDissertation1993MozleyA study of sulfur distribution, and minor and trace-element geochemistry of a high-volatile bituminous coal seam in northwestern New Mexico
ArditoCynthiaP.GeolMSThesis1987MacMillanThe relationship between mineralogy, groundwater chemistry, and groundwater flow in the Moreno Hill Formation
ArendtWardW.GeologyMSThesis1971SmithThe Geology of La Joyita Hills, Socorro Co., New Mexico (Master's Thesis from University of New Mexico. Arendt received BS Geology from NMT in 1968.)
ArkellBrianW.GeolMSThesis1983SmithGeology and coal resources of the Cub Mountain Area, Sierra Blanca Coal Field, New Mexico
ArnetPaulaHydrMSThesis1991BowmanField simulation of waste impoundment seepage in the vadose zone: Geologic and hydraulic characterization of a heterogeneous vadose Zone with respect to fluid transport
AronsonEricC.HydrMSThesis1999WilsonModeling investigations on gas permeameters: spatial weighting functions and layered systems
AstacioVicenteAGeolMSThesis1998CampbellMineralogy, lithogeochemistry, and oxygen isotope study of the Cerro de Maimon massive sulfide deposit, Dominican Republic
AuerbachSuzanneL.GeolMSThesis1981MacMillanDepositional environments of the Salt Wash member of the Morrison Formation in Grand and Emery counties, Utah
Ausman Jr.EvanL.GeopMSThesis1963BrookAn examination of the effects of strong electric fields on supercooled water drops
AxnessCarlL.HydrMSIS1984GelharStochastic analysis of macrodispersion in three-dimensionally heterogeneous aquifers
AyarbeJohnP.HydrMSIS2000PhillipsCoupling a fault-scarp diffusion model w/cosmogenic 36C: Rupture chronology of the Socorro Canyon Fault, New Mexico
BaarsRichardM.GeopMSThesis2007TobinGeophysical investigation to assess geothermal energy potential
BakerBruceW.GeolMSThesis1981MacMillanGeology and depositional environments of upper Cretaceous rocks, Sevilleta grant, Socorro County, New Mexico
BakerDavidL.GeolMSThesis1986SmithThe geology and gold deposits of selected areas of the Jicarilla District, Lincoln County, New Mexico
BakerKristineE.HydrMSThesis2001BowmanInvestigation of direct and indirect hydraulic property laboratory characterization methods for heterogeneous alluvial deposits: application to the Sandia-tech vadose zone infiltration test site
BakerLorieA.GeocMSThesis1989KuellmerVertical distribution of trace elements in coal seams from the San Juan and Raton Basins, New Mexico
BakerTanyaG.GeolMSThesis1993MozleyMobility of heavy metals in soils and tailings at the Hanover and Bullfrog tailings sites, Silver City, New Mexico
BakrAdel AhmedMohamHydrPhDDissertation1976GelharStochastic analysis of the effect of spatial variations of hydraulic conductivity on groundwater flow
BalchRobertS.GeopMSIS1992SanfordNew constraints on the Socorro magma body based on improved hypocenter estimates
BalchRobertS.GeopPhDDissertation1997SanfordEarthquake swarm studies in the central Rio Grande rift: specific and general results
BalkissoonIndiraL.GeolMSThesis1981KuellmerElemental associations of coal: A study of the organic and inorganic association of elements in coal
BarrieDonaldS.GeolMSThesis1987MacMillanEngineering geology of northern Estancia Valley, north-central New Mexico
BarrollMargaretW.GeopMSIS1984ReiterBasin formation by lithospheric extension and graben faulting
BarrollMargaretW.GeopPhDDissertation1989ReiterAnalysis of the Socorro hydro-geothermal system, central New Mexico
BastienElizabethMHydrMSThesis2009PhillipsSolute budget of the Rio Grande above El Paso, Texas
BatoryBruceL.GeolMSThesis1981KuellmerAnalysis of the lacustrine sediments of the Creede Formation, Mineral County, Colorado
BauchJohnH. A.GeolMSThesis1982JohnsonGeology of the central area of the Loma de Las Canas Quadrangle, Socorro County, New Mexico
BauerPaulW.GeolPhDDissertation1987RobertsonPrecambrian geology of the Picuris Range, north-central New Mexico
BaumanShariL.GeocMSThesis1999KyleSpatial variability of desert loess on the Carrizozo lava flow, south-central New Mexico
BazrafshanKhosrowGeocPhDDissertation1989NormanGeology and geochemistry of the Hermosa mining district, Sierra County, New Mexico
BeachJamesA.HydrMSThesis1989StephensGeostatistical and stochastic approaches to incorporation of heterogeneity in mill tailings hydraulic properties into numerical models: Implications for seepage prediction uncertainty
BeaverDonaldW.HydrPhDDissertation1973de JongTwo-fluid interface motion in porous media
BeckWilliamC.GeolPhDDissertation1993ChapinStructural evolution of the Joyita Hills, Socorro County, New Mexico
BecknerJosephRGeolMSThesis1996MozleyCementation processes and sand petrography of the Zia Formation, Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
BeersCharlesA.GeolMSThesis1976BuddingGeology of the Precambrian rocks of the southern Los Pinos Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
BehrChristinaB.GeocMSThesis1988NormanGeochemical analysis of ore fluid from the St. Cloud-US Treasury vein system, Chloride mining district, New Mexico
BehrRose-AnnaGeolMSThesis1999GoodwinStructural and thermochronological constraints on the movement history of the Montosa fault, central New Mexico
BensonCarlF.HydrMSThesis1993BowmanEvaluation of tri- and tetra-fluorobenzoates as soil and groundwater tracers
BentonLaurieD.GeocMSThesis1991NormanComposition and source of the hydrothermal fluids of the Santa Nino vein, Fresnillo, Mexico as determined from 87Sr/86Sr, stable isotope, and gas analyses
BergEricL.GeopMSThesis1968SanfordEvaluation of a method of crustal exploration based on converted waves from microearthquakes
BerkleyRichardJ.GeopMSThesis1955VacquierModification of a magnetic airborne detector (AN/ASQ-1A) for use in geophysical prospecting
BernhardtCarlA.GeolMSThesis1982NormanGas analysis of thermal waters in New Mexico
BerzinsGunarsGeopMSIS1985SanfordAssessment of gravity anomalies over mine tunnels
BexfieldLauraM.HydrMSThesis2001PhillipsOccurrence and sources of arsenic in ground water of the Middle Rio Grande Basin, central New Mexico
BharkEricW.HydrMSThesis2002SmallWater availability to vegetation across a semiarid shrubland and grassland ecotone, Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico
BickfordDavidA.GeolMSThesis1980SmithEconomic geology of the Jones Camp iron deposit, Socorro County, New Mexico
BigelowEricA.GeolMSThesis1985KyleTechniques of volatile analysis in volcanic glass by quadrupole mass spectrometry and application to Mount Erebus, Antarctica
BijakMartinK.GeolMSThesis1985NormanA fluid inclusion study of the Bunker Hill Mine, Coeur D'Alene District, Idaho
BilesNormanE.GeopMSThesis1967JacobA study of vertical ground motion showing the free surface effect
BinglerEdwardC.GeolMSThesis1961SmithThe investigation and interpretation of the niobium-bearing Sanostee heavy mineral deposit San Juan Basin, northwestern New Mexico
BinsaritiAbdallaHydrMSIS1974unknownNewtons iteration in unsaturated flow
BirsoyRezanGeolPhDDissertation1977BeaneColoring of fluorites and problems related to their origin
BirsoyYukselK.HydrMSIS1972GrossLaboratory measurements of tritium in natural waters, Socorro, New Mexico
BirsoyYukselK.HydrPhDDissertation1977GelharGround-water recharge in the plant, soil and atmosphere continuum
BlameyNigelJ.GeolPhDDissertation2000NormanEvolution of hydrothermal fluids at the Pipeline Gold Mine, Vander County, Nevada
BlandfordThomasN.HydrMSThesis1987WilsonLarge scale parameter estimation through the inverse procedure and uncertainty propagation in the Columbus Basin, New Mexico
BlodgettDanielD.GeolMSIS1972TitusHydrogeology of the San Augustin Plains, New Mexico
BloomMarkS.GeolMSThesis1975BeaneMineral paragenesis and contact metamorphism in the Jarilla Mountains, Orogrande, New Mexico
BoadiIsaacO.GeolMSThesis1986NormanGold mineralization and Precambrian geology of the Hopewell Area, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico
BoadiIsaacO.GeolPhDDissertation1991NormanOrigin of mega-gold placer deposits in light of data on the Bukon Jedeh Deposit, Liberia, and on the Tarkwa Deposit, Ghana
BobrowDannyJ.GeolMSThesis1984KyleGeochemistry and petrology of Miocene silicic lavas in the Socorro-Magdalena area of New Mexico
BoltonRobertGeolMSThesis1993CampbellDepositional textures and stable isotopic composition of the Riley travertine
BoltonWilliamR.GeolMSThesis1976CondiePrecambrian geochronology of the Sevillita metarhyolite and the Los Pinos, Sepultura and Priest plutons of the southern Sandia Uplift, central New Mexico
BonemRenaM.GeolMSThesis1971BalkUpper Cambrian (Dresbachian) faunas of the Pilgrim Formation in southwestern Montana
BorytaJennyD.GeocMSThesis1994McIntoshSingle-crystal 40Ar/39Ar provenance ages and polarity stratigraphy of rhyolitic tuffaceous sandstones of the Thurman Formation (late Oligocene), Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico
BorytaMarkD.GeolMSThesis1988CondieGeochemistry and origin of igneous rocks from the Archean Beit Bridge complex, Limpopo Belt, South Africa
BorytaMarkD.GeocPhDDissertation1997CondieOrigin of Precambrian granulites from north-central China
BoulangerJohnR.HydrMSThesis2004PhillipsStable isotope partitioning of evapotranspiration across a shrub-grass ecotone following a precipitation event, Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, USA
BouttDavidF.HydrPhDDissertation2004McPhersonDiscrete analysis of the role of pore fluids in the genesis of opening mode fractures in the shallow crust
BowenErikaM.HydrMSIS1999McPhersonHydrogeology of Rattlesnake Springs: Eddy County, New Mexico
BowieMarkR.GeolMSThesis1985MacMillanGeology of the Dripping Springs Valley chabazite and related zeolite deposits, southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico
BowlingG. P.GeolMSThesis1987CondieGeology and geochemistry of early Proterozoic supracrustal rocks from the Western Dos Cabezas Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona
BowringSamuelA.GeolMSThesis1980ChapinGeology of the west-central Magdalena Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
BoyleJamesT.HydrMSIS1984HawleySoil hydraulic properties and soil water movement of the M-Mountain-waste storage site
Brandes-DerrickNathalieN.GeolMSThesis2002MozleyLithostratigraphy and petrography of Upper Santa Fe Group deposits in the northern Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
BraschaykoSuzanneM.GeolMSIS2009KyleX - Exhumation History of the San Juan Basin (New Mexico) using Apatite Fission Track Analysis and Sonic Log Data
BrimhallRonaldM.HydrMSThesis1969JacobDigital analysis of borehole-measured aquifer resistivity to determine water quality
BrimhallRonaldM.HydrMSThesis1969JacobAdditional programs, digital analysis of borehole-measured aquifer resistivity. This volume ACCOMPANIES the actual thesis
BristerBrianS.GeolPhDDissertation1990ChapinTertiary sedimentation and tectonics: San Juan sag-San Luis basin region, Colorado and New Mexico
BrodRobertC.GeolMSThesis1979StoneHydrogeology and water resources of the Ambrosia Lake-San Mateo Area McKinley and Valencia Counties, New Mexico
BrouillardLeeA.GeolMSThesis1985ChapinGeology of the northeastern Gallinas Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
BrowerH.E.GeocPhDDissertation1971BillingsThe barite-celestite solid solution: Measurement of thermodynamic properties and discussion of their geochemical implications
BrownDanielR.GeolMSThesis1976StoneHydrogeology and water resources of the Aztec Quadrangle, San Juan County, New Mexico
BrownDavidMc.GeolMSThesis1972ChapinGeology of the southern Bear Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
BrownKarenB.GeolMSThesis1987SmithGeology of the southern Canoncito de la Uva area, Socorro County, New MexicoMaps
BrownRobinL.HydrMSThesis1993BowmanMicrobial effects on Ni and Cd sorption and transport in volcanic tuff
BruneauJeffreyA.GeolMSThesis1981SmithGeologic map of a portion of the Salt River Canyon Area and the geochemistry of the Tomato Juice Uranium Mine, Gila County, Arizona
BruningJamesE.GeolPhDDissertation1973ChapinOrigin of the Popotosa Formation, north-central Socorro County, New Mexico
BryantElizabethM.HydrMSThesis2004BowmanAdsorption and desorption studies of some model surfactants from oil-based drilling fluids
BuapengSomkidHydrMSIS1977SinghA nonlinear hydrologic cascade
BurckPeterW.HydrMSThesis1993BowmanThe influence of wettability on scaling the capillary pressure-saturation relationship
BurneyDavidW.GeolMSIS2005CampbellGeometallurgical characterization of fanglomerate-hosted copper mineralization at the exotic El Tesoro copper deposit, northern Chile
BurtToddA.HydrMSThesis1999BowmanPerchloroethylene and chromate sorption/reduction using a surfactant modified zeolite/zero valent iron pellet
Butler Jr.PatrickGeolMSThesis1964KuellmerMagnetite from intrusives and associated contact deposits, Lincoln County, New Mexico
Byrd Jr.DelaneyC.GeopMSIS1982SanfordSpectral analysis of microearthquake S-phase attenuation in the Socorro area
CaldwellDavidA.GeolMSIS1990KylePhysical and geochemical properties of summit flows and recent volcanic ejecta from Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
CalkinsJulieA.GeocMSIS2006KyleGround-based thermal observations of two lava lakes at Mt. Erebus volcano, Antarctica in December 2004
CallahanTimothyJ.HydrPhDDissertation2001BowmanLaboratory investigations and analytical and numerical modeling of the transport of dissolved solutes through saturated fractured rock
CallahanTimothyJ.GeocMSThesis1995NormanSolid solution chemistry of geothermally-deposited calcite: Fluid-mineral equilibria applications
CalvinChristinaL.GeolMSThesis2003CondieChemostratigraphy of the Griqualand West Basin, South Africa between 2.65 and 2.5 Ga: Evidence for a mantle plume event?
CanalesDylanG.GeolMSThesis2005NormanAkwatia diamond field Ghana west Africa: Source Rocks
CappaJamesA.GeolMSThesis1975MacMillanThe depositional environment, paleocurrents, provenance and dispersal patterns of the Abo Formation in part of the Cerros de Amado Region, Socorro County, New Mexico
CarapetianAraG.GeopMSThesis1966SanfordFrequency analysis of short-period microseisms generated by trains
CaravellaFrankJ.GeopMSIS1976SanfordA study of Poisson's ratio in the upper crust of the Socorro, New Mexico, area
CardenasMeinhard BayaniR.HydrPhDDissertation2006WilsonDynamics of fluids, heat and solutes along sediment-water interfaces: a multiphysics modeling study
CarlinJosephT.EarSMSThesis1956Drost-HansThe dependence of measured charge separation upon the nature and polarization of the base during freezing of dilute aqueous solutions
CarlsonCatherineA.HydrMSThesis1986PhillipsOrigins of salts in the dry valleys of Victoria Land, Antarctica, by 36Cl tracing
CarlsonDouglasA.GeopMSIS1982SanfordCrustal structure study in Socorro, New Mexico, area using time term method
CarmanJohnH.EarSMSThesis1960SmithPetrographic study and composition analysis of olivine phenocrysts from the Parea Mesa basalt flow, Bernalillo County, New Mexico
CarmichaelAlanB.GeolMSThesis1982BodineMineralogy and geochemistry of upper Cretaceous clay mineral assemblages from the Star Lake-Torreon coal fields, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
CarpenterPhillipJ.GeopMSThesis1981SchlueSurface wave analysis using two-dimensional finite elements techniques
CarpenterPhillipJ.GeopPhDDissertation1984SanfordApparent Q for upper-crustal rocks in the Rio Grande rift of central New Mexico from the analysis of microearthquake spectra
CaseyHeatherGeolMSThesis2011CampbellGeochemistry of Manganese Oxides and Age of Mineralization
CashDanielJ.GeocPhDDissertation1971SanfordThe Dulce, New Mexico, earthquake of January 23, 1966: Location, focal mechanism, magnitude, and source parameters
CepedaJosephC.GeolMSThesis1972BuddingGeology of Precambrian rocks of the El Oro Mountains and vicinity, Mora County, New Mexico
ChaceDavidA.HydrMSThesis1993ChenAnalysis of a divergent pumping well tracer test in an unconfined and anisotropic aquifer
ChamberlinRichardM.GeolMSThesis1974ChapinGeology of the Council Rock District, Socorro County, New Mexico
ChangkuonLuisA.GeolMSThesis1990CampbellGeology of the San Francisco Mine, Sonora, Mexico
Chapin Jr.D.MichaelGeolMSThesis2001MozleyPrimary and secondary controls on permeability of the Pennsylvanian Massillon Sandstone, Stark County, Ohio, USA: Implications for the correlation of diagenetic alterations and structural and textural characteristics with laboratory based permeability measurements
ChaputJulienGeopPhDDissertation2012AsterScattered Wavefield Studies in West Antarctica and at Erebus Volcano
CharnavelYvanGeopMSIS1992AsterImpact of an earthquake on a vertical borehole
CharukalasBanhanGeolMSIS1975BuddingHydraulic conductivity of sandstone under different confining pressure
CharukalasBenjawinGeolMSIS1976BuddingStrength variation of limestone
ChavesJeffreyS.HydrMSThesis1995HendrickxVariability in hydraulic conductivity and soil salinity in a flood-irrigated field: The Las Nutrias groundwater project
ChenKung-YungEarSMSThesis1957TaylorThe effects of aging at elevated temperatures on certain physical properties of drilling fluids
ChiangLi-WeiHydrMSIS1989ChenThe application of numerical lapace inversion methods to groundwater flow and solute transport problems
ChildersAmyHydrMSIS1985GrossHydrogeological analysis of geophysical well logs from the Pecos Slope
ChomiakBeverlyA.GeocPhDDissertation2001NormanBicarbonate-rich fluid inclusions in relict quartz phenocrysts, Zinkgruvan Basin, Sweden
ChristensenDavidBradGeopMSThesis2009SnelsonReflection image of the eastern Montserrat crust, Montserrat, West Indies
CikoskiColinGeolMSThesis2010HarrisonGeology of the Neogene basin fill on the Indian Well Wilderness 7.5' quadrangle, central Rio Grande rift, New MexicoPlates
CimaJo AnneGeolMSThesis1978AustinPhysical properties of selected scoria cones in New Mexico
ClarkJodiA.GeolMSThesis2004GoodwinLiquefaction susceptibility mapping of the shallow alluvium, Inner Valley, Rio Grande Basin, Albuquerque, New Mexico
ClarkRichardD.GeolMSThesis1969ChristiansIndustrial development in southeastern New Mexico -- A case study
ClarksonGerryW.GeopPhDDissertation1984ReiterImplications for thermal histories of the San Juan Basin and San Juan Mountains since late Cretaceous times
ClementPaulH.HydrMSThesis1983GrossThermally stimulated discharge currents in ice
CoffinGregC.GeocMSThesis1981ChapinGeology of the northwestern Gallinas Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
ColarulloSusanJ.HydrPhDDissertation1998PhillipsMultiple scale characterization of alluvial aquifer heterogeneity
ColeBarretS.HydrMSIS2000McPhersonSequestration of supercritical carbon dioxide in deep sedimentary basin aquifers: A numerical model
ColeBrantW.GeopMSIS2003TobinGround magnetic profiling of faults in the Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico: Implications for fault structure in sedimentary basins
ColpittsRobertM.GeolMSThesis1986BuddingGeology of the Sierra de la Cruz area, Socorro County, New Mexico
ColumbusNathanGeolMSThesis1964HantushViscous model study of sea-water intrusion
ConradStephenH.HydrMSIS1987WilsonA laboratory investigation of residual organic liquid saturation in soils
ConradStephenH.HydrPhDDissertation1990WilsonLaboratory experiments on the multi-phase flow of organic liquids in the vadose and saturated zones
CookKevinH.GeolMSThesis1986NormanConodont color alteration: A possible exploration tool for ore deposits
CookroTheresaM.GeolMSThesis1978CondiePetrology of Precambrian granitic rocks from the Ladron Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
CookseyPatriciaA.GeolMSThesis1980KuellmerDistribution of ferrous iron among the organic hydrocarbons, non-pyritic inorganic mineral constituents and pyrite fraction of twenty coals from New Mexico, Nova Scotia, and western Kentucky
CooperScottP.GeolMSThesis2000GoodwinDeformation within a basement-cored anticline: Teapot Dome, Wyoming
CooseKristenE.GeolMSThesis1998NormanA study of New Mexico concrete and aggregate: Alkali-aggregate reactions
CopelandPeterGeolMSThesis1986CondieGeochemistry and geology of the Pinal Schist, Cochise and Pima Counties, Arizona
CowenTimothyM.GeolMSIS1989MacMillanPreliminary reservoir study of Similar Queen Field, Chaves County, New Mexico
CoxJessicaC.GeolMSIS2003CondiePetrographic and geochemical characteristics of upper mantle xenoliths of the southwestern United States
CoxWarrenB.HydrMSThesis1988StephensA field study of ephemeral infiltration and recharge
Cox IIEugeneW.GeolMSIS1986SmithGeology and gold-silver deposits in the San Jose Mining District, Southern San Mateo Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
CozzensBrianDHydroMSThesis2011SpinelliA wider seismogenic zone at Cascadia due to hydrothermal circulation in subducting ocean crust
Craig Jr.FrankM.GeolMSThesis1992SmithGeology of part of the area east and west of Quebradas Road between mile markers 15 and 20, Socorro County, New Mexico
Craig Jr.FrankM.GeolMSIS1991SmithEstimation of burial temperature in the Loma de las Canas region east of Socorro, New Mexico, by x-ray diffraction
CraiggStevenD.GeolMSThesis1980StoneHydrogeology and water resources of the Chico Arroyo/Torreon Wash Area, Sandoval and McKinley Counties, New Mexico
CrainJesseL.GeolMSThesis2002KyleMagma chamber dynamics at Mount Erebus Volcano, Antarctica: Determined using volatile radionuclide emissions
CrichtonJamesG.GeocMSThesis1992CondieGeochemistry and provenance of the early Proterozoic Libby Creek Group, Medicine Bow Mountains, southeastern Wyoming
CrossStephenG.GeolMSThesis1993JohnsonReconnaissance survey of Neogene clastic sediments in the southeastern Mogollon-Datil volcanic province, New Mexico
Crow IIIHenryC.GeocPhDDissertation1988CondieGeochemistry and origin of late Archean-early Proterozoic volcanics of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
CroxellThomasR.GeopMSThesis1973Reiter/SanA geothermal probe--An instrument for the measurement of groundwater flow rates
CurryMeganD.GeologyMSThesis2009BostonA geomicrobiological and geochemical approach to the biogenicity of moonmilk formation: Spider Cave and Pahoehoe Cave, NM; Thursday Morning Cave, CO; Thrush Cave and Cataract Cave, AK -- Will be posted ~July 2010
CzarneckiJohnB.HydrMSThesis1978GutjahrFinite element simulation of contamination transport through an aquifer
DahhamMohamedS.GeopMSIS1983SchlueRayleigh waves in the San Juan Basin
DavisJ.MatthewHydrMSThesis1990PhillipsAn approach for the characterization of spatial variability of permeability in the Sierra Ladrones Formation, Albuquerque Basin, central New Mexico
DavisJ.MatthewHydrPhDDissertation1994PhillipsA conceptual sedimentological-geostatistical model of aquifer heterogeneity based on outcrop studies
DavisPaulHydrMSIS1979GrossPaul Spring: An investigation of recharge in the Roswell (N.M.) artesian basin
De MelasJohnP.GeolMSThesis1983CondieThe geochemistry, petrology, and provenance of the Pinal Schist
DeaderickAlfredJ.GeolMSIS1980SmithGeologic investigation of the Apache Oro Mining Claims, Lost Basin Range, Mohave County, Arizona
DeBrineBruceE.HydrMSThesis1965TitusElectrolytic model study for collector wells under river beds
DeBrineBruceE.HydrPhDDissertation1971TitusQuantitative hydrologic study of a closed basin with a playa (Estancia Valley, New Mexico)
DeeMarkP.GeopMSIS1973SanfordCrustal and P-wave velocity study of portions of southwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona using open pit mining explosions
DeFoorWhitneyHydroMSThesis2010PersonPaleo-hydrogeologic Models of Freshwater Emplacement on the Atlantic Continental Shelf: Offshore Martha’s Vineyard Island
DejuRaulA.HydrPhDDissertation1969JacobA mathematical and experimental study of the water-silicate interface in porous media
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