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View from South Baldy Peak in the Magdalena Mountains west of Socorro, NM


The Hydrology Program at New Mexico Tech is one of the nation's largest and strongest programs in hydrology research and education. Six full-time faculty and several adjunct faculty allow us to offer 16 different courses in hydrology including: Groundwater Contamination, Vadose Zone Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, and Stochastic Methods in Groundwater Hydrology to name just a few. The program is tailored to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds in science, engineering, and mathematics. Facilities include a high performance computing environment, assorted laboratories for chemical, microbiological, and physical measurements and experiments, and several field experimental sites. Graduates of our program go on to positions in academia, government, and industry.

We offer four graduate degrees: Graduate Certificate in Hydrology (Distance Education), M.S. in Hydrology, M.S. in Hydrology with option in Petroleum and Geofluids, and Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science with Dissertation in Hydrology. In addition, we offer a five-year B.S./Hydrology M.S. degree for students enrolled in an undergraduate program at New Mexico Tech.

We offer two undergraduate degrees: B.S. in Earth Science with Hydrology option and B.S. in Environmental Science with Hydrology option.

The Hydrology Program is part of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science which is located in the Mineral Science and Engineering Complex on the New Mexico Tech campus. Besides the Hydrology faculty, the Department of Earth and Environmental Science has an additional 13 faculty and 26 adjunct faculty specializing in other diverse areas within the fields of Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics.

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