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U.S. Federal and State Agencies

U.S. Geological Survey


Sandia National Laboratories

National Science Foundation

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

Department of Energy

State Geological Surveys




Hydrology Related

  • Hydrology Web - "Mother of all hydrology lists"
  • AWRA: American Water Resources Association
  • GHCC: Global Hydrology and Climate Center
  • IAEH: International Association for Environmental Hydrology
  • IH: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (England) (formerly the Institute of Hydrology) - See: Water and Research
  • Iowa State University Extension
  • ISWS: Illinois State Water Survey
  • NOAA-NESDIS: National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
  • NOAA-NWS: National Weather Service
  • NOAA-NWS-AHPS: Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
  • NOAA-NWS-NOHRSC: National Operational Hydrologic (Snow) Remote Sensing Center
  • NOAA-NWS: Hydrologic Information Center - Current conditions and Outlook
  • NWRI: National Water Research Institute (formerly National Hydrology Research Center) - Canada
  • NWRI: National Water Research Institute - US
  • USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - used to support GRASS
  • USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Environmental Laboratory
  • USDA-ARS: Agricultural Research Service
  • USDA-ARS: Agri. Research Service Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • USDA-ARS: SW Watershed Research Center
  • USDA-ARS: US Water Conservation Laboratory
  • USGS: U.S. Water Resources Information
  • USGS: U.S. Historical Streamflow
  • USGS: U.S. Current Streamflow
  • USGS: National Water Use Data
  • USGS: National Water Conditions
  • UWIN: Universities Water Information Network
  • UWRL: Utah Water Research Laboratory
  • UTOKYO: Dept. of Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
  • WetNet: Texas Wetland Information Network

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