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Grad Office Display Unit 


This display unit is owned by the Graduate Office. The surface is covered with a fuzzy material that Velcro loops will adhere to. (In the picture above, the horizontal bar at the top of the unit is not part of the unit -- it is a light fixture in the room.)


  • 8 feet wide (The unit is curved, so there are approximately 9 feet of curved surface width.)
  • 34 inches deep
  • 7.75 feet high (the optional lights on top add 11 inches to the height)
  • If a standard table is in front of the unit, only the top 5.5 feet are visible.


This unit takes about 15 minutes to put up and 8 minutes to take down. The included instructions are fairly simple to follow. Or just watch this 8.5 minute video of Lisa Majkowski assembling the unit.


Contact Debbie Wallace:

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