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Your EES home folder or H drive on Windows can be accessed from any machine on the NMT campus network. 


Instructions on how to connect: 

From Windows XP or above

  1. Open My Computer and in the address bar type "\\"
  2. Authenticate as requested
  3. You will see a folder labeled named "\"
  4. This folder is what your "H Drive" would be on a Windows lab machine

From Mac OSX (10.6 or above)

  1. From the finder menu bar choose Go and then "Connect to server"
  2. Type "smb://" in the Server Address box then Connect
  3. Authenticate as requested
  4. Choose the volume named and click OK
  5. This is your "home folder" on a mac lab machine or the "H Drive" on a Windows lab machine
Created: ( Friday, 23 September 2011 09:06 )
Last Updated: ( Thursday, 10 September 2015 13:43 )
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