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Logging in remotely using ssh or sftp and providing access to files for remote downloads.

Anonymous FTP services are not supported.

Remote shell access and SFTP file transfers

Note: These servers do not provide remote shell access using SSH or file transfers using SFTP to EES account holders.


Currently, there is no official server to allow remote shell access using SSH or file transfers using SFTP. It is planned to have a designated server to provide these services in the future. This functionality can be achieved using any of the Mac, Linux, or Solaris machines in MSEC345 and MSEC353.The available machines are:


Workstation OS IP Mac 10.6 Mac 10.6 32 bit Ubuntu Linux 9.10 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Mac 10.6 Mac 10.5 Redhat Enterprise Linux WS5 Open Solaris 10 Open Solaris 10 Mac 10.6 Mac 10.5 Mac 10.6 Mac 10.6 Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS

Providing access for anonymous file downloads

There is no longer an EES FTP server. To provide anonymous download access to files you need to create a www or public_html directory on your EES account and place the files to be accessible for download in that directory. Then provide the URL for the exact file name (e.g., to the person(s) needing access, and the file can be downloaded using http.

Make sure that your file has the necessary file permissions to allow downloading. The user's home directory needs to be world executable and the www or public_html directory and file to download need to be world readable. To do this, execute the following commands at a shell prompt in order:

  • cd
  • chmod 711 .
  • chmod 755 www
  • chmod 644 www/

Note the dot at the end of the second command. Substitute your file name and path for

If you want a web directory containing files to give a file listing, create a text file in that directory named .htaccess containing the following.

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