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EES email is primarily intended for faculty use, and students should use the TCC or some external email service such as gmail for email services. Exceptions may be made for special cases such as visitors and graduate students if their advisor requests it.

Configuring Email Clients

An email client allows you to access the mail folders stored on the mail server, optionally allowing you download and archive email messages to your local computer. There are several clients available to check your department email. The server only supports the  imap protocol.

In general, do the following:

  • Set for both the incoming and outgoing server.
  • Turn on SSL security for everything.
  • Port 993 for IMAP
    Port 465 for SMTP
  • Make sure password authentication is enabled for sending mail.


To check your email when you are not at your own computer, you can use an internet browser. Webmail is accessed at the URL using your EES account credentials.  We have deployed a new webmail that can also be used, Roundcube mail.  This can be accessed at and using your EES account credentials.  Both are deployed an available and you are free to use whichever suits you best.

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