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Disk usage quotas are implemented for home directories on the main file server.

Each new account is set up with a 2GB disk quota. Disk quotas are important to ensure that the file system does not fill up unexpectedly by the actions of a single user. Quotas are also important to regulate the amount of data that needs to be periodically backed up.

If you reach your disk quota, you will not be able to create new files and may cause other strange behaviour. The method of checking your disk quota varies for different operating systems and configurations.

Microsoft Windows

  • For a machine that is a member of the EES domain, go to My Computer, right click on drive H: (or the drive with your user id associated with it), and choose Properties. This applies to the computers in MSEC239 and the public computer in the EES main office, MSEC208.
  • For an independent office machine with the home directory mapped as a network drive, you can do the same but the drive letter may be different.

Mac or Linux

  • For the lab machines in MSEC345, open a terminal and type quota.
  • For an office machine with the home directory mounted using smbmount, use the UNIX command df to see the usage.
  • You can also remotely log into a lab machine using ssh and use the quota command.

If you need more disk quota, contact the EES help desk. You will be asked if you've cleaned up as much as possible. Don't forget to empty any Trash folders.


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