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The faculty in the Earth & Environmental Science Department at New Mexico Tech are an illustrious bunch. Listed below are some of the honors they have received.


American Association of Advancement of Science
John W. Hawley
Fred M. Phillips  
Allan R. Sanford

American Geophysical Union
Fred M. Phillips -  Article
John L. Wilson

Geological Society of America
Gary Axen
Kent C. Condie
John W. Hawley
Phillip R. Kyle
Fred M. Phillips
John L. Wilson

Geological Society of London
Philip R. Kyle

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Robert S. Bowman

NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts
Penelope Boston

Society of Economic Geology
Andrew R. Campbell

Soil Science Society of America
Robert S. Bowman
Jan M.H. Hendrickx

Awards and Medals

Distinguished Faculty Award, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Richard C. Aster, 2005 
Robert S. Bowman, 2008

Distinguished Research Award, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Allan R. Sanford, 1985 
Kent C. Condie, 1987 
Charles E. Chapin, 1988 
Gerardo W. Gross, 1993 
Fred M. Phillips, 1994 
John L. Wilson, 1998 
William McIntosh, 2005 
Robert S. Bowman, 2006 
Richard C. Aster, 2010
Phillip R. Kyle, 2012 

Earth and Environmental Science Outstanding Teaching Award, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Peter S. Mozley, 2001 
Peter S. Mozley, 2002

F.W. Clarke Medal, Geochemical Society
Fred M. Phillips, 1988

Honorary Degrees
Kent C. CondieDSc (Honoris Causa), University of Pretoria, 2007

Hydrologic Science Award, American Geophysical Union
John L. Wilson, 2006

Kirk Bryan Award, Geological Society of America
John W. Hawley, 1983 
Fred M. Phillips, 2005

Meinzer Award (Hydrogeology), Geological Society of America
Mahdi Hantush, 1968 (former faculty; Hydrology Program founder) 
Lynn W. Gelhar, 1987 (former faculty; former Hydrology Program Director) 
John L. Wilson, 1996 
Fred M. Phillips, 2001

Most Cited Paper
Kent C. CondiePhysics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 2004-2007 
Kent C. CondieLithos, 2003-2007 

New Mexico Earth Science Award
Robert S. Bowman, 2008

New Mexico Eminent Scholar, State Commission on Higher Education
John W. Hawley, 1989 
Fred M. Phillips, 1989 
John L. Wilson, 1989

Outstanding Teacher Award
Susan L. Bilek (NMT CITL, Academic Affairs, and Community College) 2007 
Peter S. Mozley (EES department) 2001
Peter S. Mozley (EES department) 2002
Peter Mozley (NMT CITL, Academic Affairs, and Community College) 2007 
Fred M. Phillips (NMT Sigma Gamma Epsilon Chapter) 2003

U.S. Antarctic Service Medal, National Science Foundation
Richard C. Aster
Philip R. Kyle
William McIntosh


Birdsall-Dreiss Lectureship, Geological Society of America
Fred M. Phillips, 1994
Mark Person, 1997

Darcy Lectureship, National Groundwater Association
John L. Wilson, 1991

Freeman Lecturer, Boston Society of Civil Engineers and Mass. Inst. of Technology
John L. Wilson, 1992

Fulbright Scholar, Fulbright Scholar Program, United States Department of State
Jan M.H. Hendrickx, May-July 2000, Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Medellin

Fred Holmsley Moore Distinguished Lecturer, University of Virginia
John L. Wilson, 1993

IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lecturer
Richard C. Aster, 2009 

Ocean Leadership Distinguished Lecturer
Glenn Spinelli, 2008-2009 

Board and Editorial Board Members

Advances in Water Resources
John L. Wilson, Editorial Board

Antarctic Science
Phillip R. Kyle, Editorial Board

Astrobiology Journal
Penelope J. Boston, Editorial Board

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
Richard C. Aster, Associate Editor

J. Bruce Harrison, Editorial Board

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Fred M. Phillips, Associate Editor

Mark Person, Co-editor, 2011

Gondwana Research
Kent C. Condie, Editorial Board

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)
Susan L. Bilek, Board of Directors 2009 (3-yr term) Details

Precambrian Research
Kent C. Condie, Editorial Board

Quaternary Geochronology
Fred M. Phillips, Associate Editor

Sedimentology: Journal of the International Association of Sedimentologists
Peter S. Mozley, Editor

Geological Society of America Publications Committee Chair
Peter S. Mozley

Seismological Society of America
Richard C. Aster, Board of Directors, 2008-2014, President, 2009-2011

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