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Richard C. Aster, Professor of Geophysics

I generally teach graduate/advanced undergraduate courses in inverse theory, seismology and seismology-related areas of Earth Science, and data processing and analysis. I am actively involved in public lectures and other general outreach activies to promote Earth Science careers. I am a strong proponent of using MATLAB for teaching and research calculations.

In association with the IRIS Education and Outreach Program and colleagues from NM Tech and elsewhere, I coordinate a yearly May 1-week orientation for the IRIS Undergraduate Intern Program, hosted at the on-campus PASSCAL Instrument Center.

Here are some courses that I have taught:

Spring 2008
GEOC/GEOL/GEOP/HYDR 592: Graduate Seminar
Coordination of Graduate Student research presentations and student feedback; conducted throughout the diverse EES Department.

Spring 2011, Spring 2008, Spring 2006, Fall 2003, Spring 2000
GEOP 523: Theoretical Seismology
Linear elastic wave theory, including reflection and refraction of elastic waves, propagation of body and surface waves, free oscillations, seismic rays in a spherically-stratified earth, and earthquake mechanisms.

Fall, 2010, Spring 2009, Spring 2007, Fall, 2005, Fall 2004, Spring 2003, Spring 2002
GEOP 529/Math 519: Geophysical Inverse Methods
Theory and practice of inverting geophysical data to obtain models. Brian Borchers (NMT), Cliff Thurber (University of Wisconsin), and I have also authored a textbook, Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems (Elsevier, Second Edition 2012) used in this course and at many universities internationally. I commonly co-teach this course with Brian Borchers from the Mathematics Department to a mixed group of geophysics, mathematics, and other students.

Fall 2013, Fall 2011, Spring 2010, Fall 2008, Spring 2005, Spring 2004, Fall 2002, Spring 2001
GEOP 505/Math 587: Data Processing and Analysis
An introduction to methods for reducing and analyzing temporal and spatial data with an emphasis on geophysical problems. Topics include characterization of linear systems in continuous and discrete time, Fourier analysis, spectral estimation, convolution and deconvolution, filtering, the z and Laplace transforms, analysis of multidimensional and multichannel data. I typically co-teach this course with Brian Borchers from the Mathematics Department.

Spring 2012, Spring 2002 
GEOP 570: Current Topics in Earthquake Seismology
A focused overview of current research topics in earthquake seismology with an emphasis on the critical review of recently published results, methods, papers, and preprints. For example, the 2002 class covered volcano seismology and the 2012 class covered seismological instrumentation.

Fall, 2007
GEOP 571: Evolution of the Lithosphere
An overview of current research topics in geophysical and geochemical investigation of the continental lithosphere.

Fall, 2009
GEOP 571: Thermal and convective history of the Earth
An overview of theory and research related to Earth's thermal and convective history and present condition and processes.

Fall, 2013 
GEOP 571: Mysteries and Controversies of the Mantle
An overview of current controversial and key topics in mantle studies.

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