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Department News

Jesus Gomez-Velez receives USGS Powell Center Grant

Jesus Gomez, assistant professor of Hydrology in our department, will receive the USGS Powell Center Grant to do research on continental scale synthesis of river hydrogeomorphology and water quality. This ... more...

Gary Axen promoted to full professor!

Gary Axen, our Structural Geologist who has been at New Mexico Tech since 2005, was promoted last week to full professor! Gary is currently working on several research topics, including ... more...

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Recent Theses

David Parmelee completes Thesis

Geology student David Parmelee has completed his thesis on A New Holocene Eruptive History of Erebus Volcano, antarctica Using Cosmogenic 3He and 36Cl. See Student ... more...

Lisa Gaston completes Thesis

Geology student Lisa Gaston has completed her thesis on 40AR/39AR Muscovite Thermochronology and Geochronology of New Mexico Pegmatites. See Student ... more...

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Recent Publications

Morton, E.: Development of Global Probabilistic Propagation Look‐Up Tables

PhD Student Emily Morton recently published The Development of Global P! robabilistic Propagati! on Look-up Tables for Infrasound Celerity and Back-azimuth Deviation in the Seismological Research Letters. See Publications for more ... more...

Morton, E.; and Bilek, S.: Earthquake Triggering in the Socorro Magma Body

Professor of Geophysics Susan Bilek and PhD Student Emily Morton recently published Limited Dynamic Earthquake Triggering in the Socorro Magma Body Region, Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico in the Bulletin of ... more...

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