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Department News

PhD or MS RA Graduate Student Opportunities in Hydrology Department

The Hydrology Program within the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at New Mexico Tech has several PhD/MS opportunities available for incoming students. The Hydrology Program at NM Tech is ... more...

PhD opportunity in Structural Geology

Structural geology and palinspastic reconstruction of the highly extended Death Valley terrain.   Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We seek a motivated and broadly trained structural geologist for a position as Research Assistant in ... more...

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Recent Theses

Laura Jones completes Thesis

Geology student Laura Jones has completed her thesis on Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) observations of Erebus volcano, Antarctica: insights into the near-surface magmatic system. See Student ... more...

Lisa Gaston completes Thesis

Geology student Lisa Gaston has completed her thesis on 40AR/39AR Muscovite Thermochronology and Geochronology of New Mexico Pegmatites. See Student ... more...

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Recent Publications

Axen, G.J., Luther, A. and Selverstone, J. Paleostress directions near two low-a

Axen, G.J., Luther, A. and Selverstone, J. recently published Paleostress directions near two low-angle normal faults: testing mechanical models of weak faults and off-fault damage in the Geosphere Journal. "This paper uses paleostress ... more...

Gomez-Velez J.D., J. W. Harvey, M. B Cardenas, and B. Kiel (2015), Denitrificati

Gomez-Velez J.D., J. W. Harvey, M. B Cardenas, and B. Kiel recently published Denitrification in the Mississippi River network controlled by flow through river bedforms in the Nature Geosience Journal. See ... more...

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